Your plane! No problem with purchasing, servicing and flying!

How to do it?

We offer you to be a real and legal owner of a combat training or historical aircraft.

What we offer you:
  • To be the actual and legal owner of a combat training or historical aircraft weighing more than 5700 kg, which is legally impossible within the framework of civil aviation.
  • We will take care of all the issues related to the search and purchase of a unique combat training or historical aircraft in your name.
  • We will organize storage and basing of your aircraft on the territory of Voronezh International Airport. Your travel time to your plane, for example, from Moscow, is 40 minutes.
  • We will ensure that there is no transport tax on your plane.
  • We will train and prepare you in the aviation specialty, such as: aviation technician, radio operator, navigator, pilot, etc.
  • We will provide you with the technical operation of your vessel, because The painstaking work of the technicians and mechanics serving these aircraft plays a major role in keeping the aircraft in proper and safe condition.
  • We will provide search and purchase of certified spare parts.
  • We will organize for you the flight operation of your aircraft, with the involvement of the best test pilots in Russia.
  • New business prospects will open before you, you will be able to lease your aircraft for flight tests of promising aviation components of the Russian industry.
  • Participation in the organization of demonstration flights during various aviation holidays, promotions, demonstration performances or "for the soul."
  • We assume all legal, administrative and technical burdens of this possession.

A little about the beauty that you will know

Flying into the stratosphere is a unique adventure that always leaves the brightest impressions for a lifetime. At speeds over 2000 km / h, you rise to great heights and see a spectacle that was previously available only to a select few.
You have a chance to look at the outskirts of space, where it is already clearly visible that our planet is round, and overhead the completely "cosmic" sky is blackening. Even the sun shines differently here, especially brightly. The layers of the earth's atmosphere become just a blue border above the curved horizon. And then you realize that you are on top of the world. Above you are only astronauts.

In the case of purchasing a historic aircraft, you get a unique opportunity to become the sole owner of a flying copy. As they say in aviation, there are no old aircraft, there is only poor aircraft maintenance. At the moment in Russia in private hands there are no legally flying copies of such aircraft as IL-14, IL-12, Li-2, BE-12. Many aircraft were manufactured in limited quantities and are waiting for their turn to go irrevocably into scrap metal, examples of such aircraft are A-40, BE-30, etc.

If you decide to restore a historic plane, we will go along with you a long and interesting path to restore it, as a result of which the plane will regain the sky and you will have something to be proud of.

At the moment there is a possibility of purchasing the aircraft:





Each of these planes will give you the opportunity to turn a part of your life into an exciting adventure!!!

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